NEOS from ArmSoar Composite Gliders

In order to meet all 3 goals, the airfoil series Zone V2 designed by Gerald Taylow was chosen for the wings. It is a very thin and modern airfoil, and has excellend launch and ranging capabilities. A large speed envelope requires that the airfoil is able to operate with a variety of camber settings, and the Zone V2 is able to handle extra camber to slow down without becoming unresponsive. A slightly oversized horizontal stabilizer also helps maintain a larger speed envelope, and to make it more naturally stable. A special planform was designed to work in coordination with the airfoil series with optimization towards handling. With a wing area of slightly over 22dm^2, the Neos can work even the lightest lift. The wide tips allow you to feel the smallest bubbles of rising air, and in combination with the washout throughout the wing, allows the plane to turn in steep bank angles without stalling the tips.

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