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Through customer and pilot feedback, we have made several improvements to the Vibe:
-First, the top-drive servos have been ditched, and all servos are now in the fuselage.
-The fuselage cross section has not been altered, but the nose has been increased in length for lighter AUW and easier installation for electronic gear.
-The boom has been shortened to lower the AUW and for slightly increased agility (to offset the slightly longer nose).
-Vertical stab has been re-designed with a thinner airfoil (4.8%) and slightly more chord for lower drag and better launch yaw dampening.
-Horizontal stab has been redesigned moving away from the Freak V2 airfoil to something easier to setup.
-Control surfaces on both tails have been reduced slightly to help in stiffness on launch.
-Horizontal tail has been moved to the top of the fuselage for more positive control in all stages of normal DLG flight and quicker pull-up during preset rotation.
-Nosecone has been removed to lighten the AUW and increase nose durability.
-Throwing blade has been updated to an offset T-blade.
-Improved wing layup, further optimized for 4-in-pod. Bigger spar on all layups and stiffer meaner wings.

We are expecting the AUW to be in the 210-240g range depending on layup, equipment, and assembly.