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D47 Ripmax


The Ripmax SD100, like the D47 is a precision 4.7 g analogue servo with a good torque and excellent centring. It has a low backlash geartrain and can be used for all control surfaces. Suitable for models weighing up to 1 Kg.




Ripmax SD100 Specifications
Body dimensions 21.9 mm wide x 8.1 mm thick x 17.7 mm high 0.86″ wide x 0.32″ thick x 0.70″ high
Max dimensions 29.7 mm wide x 8.1 mm thick x 22.0 mm high 1.17″ wide x 0.32″ thick x 0.87″ high
Stall torque (4.8V) 1.10 kg.cm 15 oz.in
Stall torque (6V) 1.40 kg.cm 19 oz.in
Weight 4.7 g 0.17 oz
Lead length 12.5 cm 5.0 in
Operating speed (4.8V) 0.18 sec/60°
Operating speed (6V) 0.14 sec/60°
Operating voltage 4.0V to 8.4V
Bearings Plain bearing
Gear material Plastic
Motor type Brushed
Digital No
Programmable No
Supplied accessories 4 plastic output arms, 2 arm retaining screws, 2 mounting screws, 2 plasic side mounting tabs
Optional accessories