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The new and improved Arctus by ArmSoar Composite Gliders. A further optimization of the original Arctus.



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Arctus is based on the well proven Polaris. It is a ‘one plane’ design that can stretch your flight distances while maintaining low sink rate and good low speed handling.

As most new DLG’s it hosts a fully CNC’d Rohacell core, and as introduced on the Polaris, a molded-in aileron facing. This way of molding wings has proven to be world class and is now carried through to the Arctus. In molded-in facing gives a very stiff aileron, allowing the hinge line to be lower and the ailerons to be wider.

The completely new wing and airfoils has a thickness of 7.2% at the root to host even 9mm wing servos, dropping quickly to 6.1%, and ending at 5.1% at the tip.

The fuselage design is completely optimized around the batteries, receiver, and servo. To further decrease drag, even the mount for the horizontal stabilizer has been lowered.ξ

Aligning and gluing the vertical stabilizer to the fuselage is easier than ever, with a molded-in connector on the vertical. Just a touch of glue, and you’re set!


  • Solid Weicell / Rohacell core molded wing
  • Light: C30 Carboweave wing skin
  • Standard: C40 Carboweave wing skin
  • Strong: 64 gram A-Spread wing skin
  • Tails: Fiberglass skin
  • 1-piece fuselage
  • 1-piece wing
  • Top-drive


  • Wing: Solid Weicell / Rohacell core, Carboweave STF, A-Spread STF
  • Fuselage: Carbon, fiberglass, basalt (2.4 ghz friendly)
  • Tail group: Solid Weicell / Rohacell core, fiberglass

Flight Characteristics:

  • Good launch
  • Long rangeŒæ
  • Low sink rate
  • Good handling even at low speeds


  • Wing airfoil: Proprietary
  • Wing area: 22.3 dm^2
  • AUW: 245-400 grams

Recommended Gear:

  • Receiver: Graupner GR-16L (no case)
  • Flaperons: KST X08, KST 245S
  • Tails: KST X08, KST 245S
  • Battery: Turnigy Nano-tech 650mah 1s LiPo