2020 BAMF2 F3K Glider


BAMF2 滑翔机简介

BAMF2 是一款面向竞赛结合方便携带的手掷滑翔机,机翼以及尾翼全部可以拆卸,是迄今为止携带尺寸最为小巧的F3K,设计它的是ARMSOAR复合材料滑翔机工厂的 Thomas Lee来自加拿大,标准版本BAMF2整机起飞重量约240G。机翼表面采用现今最轻量级的Carbonline碳纤维,内核使用超低密度进口航空泡沫高精度CNC而成,使得我们可以轻松精确的设定飞机;另外BAMF2的机身与副翼的连杆结构设计,最大限度的方便拆装,相信能够为您在平时旅游时节省额外的空间。















飞行选手 Thomas Lee

What is different you say? Well… the wing is still based on the Synergy 2 and it’s still an ArmSoar product… the model is a complete makeover.

From the experience flying the BAMF for the past several years and taking a look at the events on the world stage… it seems that higher heights and higher penetration are always required to keep pushing forward. It seems that competition is biasing towards planes that penetrate very strongly with less disturbance from turbulence.

Aerodynamically, the wing shape was modified to be less affected by turbulence while lift is slightly increased closer to the root. All cross-sections on the fuselage are decreased and the pushrod exits are further refined for a tighter install. In terms of flying philosophy, we feel there are two ways to tackle high winds: fly extremely fast with a lower L/D so you can reach somewhere faster, so even though L/D is lower you will reach the target area quicker and less affected by the outside forces (wind & turbulence), or secondly slightly slower than extreme but retain very high L/D so even though it may take you a few seconds to get back you should get back with a little extra height.

Personally I am not an extremely aggressive pilot with 40 hours of stick time per week, so I have always preferred the second method of tackling wind. As such, the Vibe was designed that way and if you’ve flown it, you will know it’s not the fastest out there but comes back home with height to spare. Think of the BAMF 2 as taking what the Vibe had but further increasing the L/D and with a very strong launch height ability.

Mechanically, I have always wanted/needed a model that can really break down small. As such, the BAMF 2 comes with a center split 2-piece wing with a fat carbon joiner, with the option of a very simple removable fin that will be strong enough for *most* pilots. For extremely powerful launchers, it’s probably still safer to glue the fin on. The nose is extended to reduce the need of noseweight and to make gear selection, install and maintenance extremely easy.

Of course, the BAMF 2 will continue to be made in Ukraine where we have had an incredible few years of production success. All models are made with solid Rohacell cores, carbon shear webs, and high-quality finish.


Pricing will be $990 CAD (approx $747 USD)

We will start shipping team models next week.

Retail pre-orders will start shipping March 15, and all orders made before March 15 will have half-price KST X08 v5 servos. Pre-orders please send me a PM here to arrange 😀

Shipping will likely be around $100-$110 CAD for 1-5 models, and will be shipped in a strong wood box directly from the factory in Ukraine.


Due to the Coronavirus quarantine in China which has prevented us from shipping a bunch of stuff and threw me into a big mess, I need to check but if there are still any orders not shipped out yet we will upgrade them all for free to BAMF 2 kits which will be shipped out with the team pilot orders before the pre-orders.


I’m getting tired, so I’ll leave this for now. Lots of photos and things to follow in the next few days. Any questions, just let us know! If you like what you see, give us a smiley face and leave a comment below!

CG: 64.0 mm (active), 67mm (calm)


Launch preset: 2mm up
Zoom: 2mm up
Speed: 0.5mm down
Cruise: 3mm down
Float: 7mm down


Speed: 6mm up, 8mm down
Cruise: 6mm up, 13 mm down
Float: 5 mm up, 18mm down


Speed: 6mm up, 8mm down
Cruise: 10mm up, 10mm down
Float: 11mm up, 11mm down

Snap flaps:

Speed: 0mm
Cruise: 2mm up/down
Float: 2mm up/down

Aileron-Rudder mix:

Speed: 0mm
Cruise: 8mm
Float: 8mm